You Know You’re A Parent When…

25 you know youre a parent when

25 You Know You’re A Parent When…..

Well besides the obvious 9 months and cute screaming baby it took 10 hours to push out, what are some funny things that happen, or make you stop and go… wow You know you’re a parent when…..

One night we were eating a great healthy baked salmon, steamed asparagus, cream corn and salad supper and talking away to each other and suddenly my husband looks up and said uuuh why are there spiderman underwear on the dinner table? Haha

I said, omg you know your a parent when you can have a huge spread of awesome food and conversation for 20 minutes without even realizing there has been toddler underwear on the table the whole time!

So I thought of a bunch and also googled a bunch of sayings from people that hit home with my family, and I’d love to hear yours as well!

You know you’re a parent when…. 

1. You’ve accidentally referred to yourself in third person as Mummy when your child wasn’t there.
2. You’ve “Shh” ‘d your child because you couldn’t hear the end of the iCarly episode.
3. Your baby now finds it hilarious to nipple cripple you at every possible opportunity, at this point you can only long for the day decades away when their child does this back to them.
4. You’ve been told “no” by a person who still counts their age in months.
5. Now you have finally started being able to have your own breakfast and lunch without sharing your baby’s from lack of time and energy when your baby now starts stealing half of yours!
6. You can’t go shopping in any store without hearing “Can I have this?” 500 times!
7. You can’t remember the last time you were able to go in the bathroom, close the door and not be interrupted.
8. A full night’s sleep is a luxury – and something you haven’t had in so long you can’t even remember.
9. You have never been so frustrated and so in love with anyone in your life.
10. The three second rule isn’t set in stone, sometimes it’s five seconds, sometimes even more.
11. Pregnancy, birth stories, and fun child moments are interesting.
12. You catch yourself watching Sponge Bob, Blue’s Clues, iCarly or other kid shows even when the kids aren’t around.
13. You can bath a squirming, screaming toddler, wash their hair and dry them off in five minutes flat.
14. You actually called, emailed or Facebook all of your friends the first time your little one used the potty all by them self.
15. You serve your husband dinner and cut his steak into little tiny pieces for him.
16. You have thought, OMG I sound just like my mother, at some point in the last 6 months.
17. You have gone beyond multitasking, you are more like super woman, as you are adept at talking on the phone, holding your baby, cooking dinner and writing your grocery shopping list, and check facebook – all at the same time.
18. You haven’t ate a hot or warm meal in months.
19. You have actually used your own spit to clean a dirty face!
20. The number of garbage bags you put out a week grows with the number of kids you have.
21. You have been Peed on, Pooped on, and Puked on, possibly all at the same time.
22. Your kisses are magic and make everything better.
23. Used the TV to get a little break, even though you swore that you’d never be “one of those” parents.
24. Become exhausted because of one little word… “Why?”
25. You have finished the food off someone else plate.

Oh man I can think of a lot more, but it was fun to write these You know when you’re a parent sayings.

OK Your turn!! Add more below…. I know you wanna!!  🙂 Let’s have some laughs

XO Kathryn

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8 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Parent When…

  1. Very funny post! Not a parent myself but I giggled at “4. You’ve been told “no” by a person who still counts their age in months.” Can’t wait to read what others might add to this ^^

    1. Yes being a parent has some serious funny moments!! They are funny to read for parents and probably more funny for those that don’t have kids! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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