Homemade Advent Calendar For Kids

homemade advent calendar for kids

Homemade Advent Calendar For Kids

Does your family do an Advent Calendar for kids? I used to just get those dollar store chocolate window type advent calendars. But I find the chocolate is so small and doesn’t taste very good.

We have been trying to be healthier for a couple years now, so I started this homemade advent calendar last year. It was a big hit.

I went to the dollar stores and found little goody bag toys in the party sections and also found little Christmas toys and coloring pages. They are great for filling up each day and not spending an arm and a leg!

I have 4 kids, so each day has 4 of the same toy (or god knows they’d fight over them if they were different), then there is a joke they can read and either a coloring picture or stickers.

I print a bunch of coloring pictures from awesome websites. Once in a blue moon I might throw in a mini candy cane for a treat once or twice in the advent calendar.


We count down the days, or sleeps, starting from 24 all the way to 1. It gets very exciting when we start getting down to the last couple rows of the homemade advent calendar for kids.

home made advent calendar for kids                 homemade advent calendar for kids

I use a 24 slot shoe door hanger. I bought it at Walmart for around $8. Or you can just order one on amazon.(affiliate link) So I spend about $20 on the toys and stickers. So in total I spent about $28 my first year and then every other year only about $20 to fill it. Which is pretty good, I think.

There are many more expensive advent calendars for kids out there that are filled with unhealthy chocolate or treats. So I’m loving this idea for now.

I love making printable’s, so I made a full page numbers and half page numbers.

The half page size fits into the shoe hanger advent calendar if you cut close to the red border.

The half page size comes two numbers to one page so we don’t waist lots of paper.

homemade advent calendar for kids

Half size PDF numbers for the Advent Calendar for kids

homemade advent calendar for kidsI also made full page numbers and they can be for any other advent calendar you want to do.

Ok now you are set to download your numbers and cut them out and put them into your hanging shoe holder, or whatever kind of homemade advent calendar for kids you are making!

If you haven’t already got your Elf on the shelf ideas figured out you can print my ready to go easy elf move calendar for all of December!

Have a Merry Christmas!!

XO Kathryn

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