Free Family Fun Planner

free family fun planner

Free Family Fun Planner

Hello Lovely Ladies!!  I have been playing around with making my very own printable pages, that’s where I came up with this family fun planner. Let me tell you It is SO much fun! I could make pages and pages all day long! I would literally get nothing else done! haha   I have to set a little kitchen timer up just so I wont spend hours on just printable’s for you lovelies!

Sooo I made this Family Fun Planner for you! Let’s check it out….

Page 1 – Title

The front of the planner, title page. I think that’s pretty Self explanatory!

Page 2 – Calendar

Page 2 is a basic blank calendar. You can fill this out for whatever months you need. It has a place at the bottom for all your great ideas for family fun activities for that month. The notes section is for whatever you need it for, like jotting down birthdays to remember that month you can’t plan family night on, or anything else.

planned family fun planner calendar page

Page 3 – Weekly Plan

A weekly planner breaks down your family time fun plans. My brain works in smaller sections, like monthly, then what I need to plan that week, then daily. I have all those pages in my daily planner and blog planner!

With the weekly planner you could put down that weeks major family plan for that week. Then what you need to do and buy on what days before the family day…. or something like that! 

Page 4 – Family Fun Ideas

This page is like a brainstorming page for all the family fun days you can think of, the cool blogs or books you found the idea at, and if you printed or purchased stuff already for that fun idea.

Plus more free idea, notes and brainstorming area at the bottom.
planned family fun planner idea page

Free Family Fun Planner
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Page 5 – Family Fun Night Planner

This is to plan each individual fun night theme you are going to do. It helps you with the planning process. It has spaces to put the theme for that night, a guest list of family members so you know how much to make and help to plan. Some family fun nights we also invite grandparents, girlfriends, and close friends to join us.

There’s sections for planned activities, which is helpful for me to keep track of what I wanted to do the day of the fun night. What I need to buy and what food I want to make. I use it for our family fun nights, so I hope it is useful for your family as well.

Page  6 – Supper Theme

Supper themes have literally given me my sanity back! Plus its fun to make up suppers that rhyme like Taco Tuesday. Meatless Monday, Wacky Dish Wednesday, Fruity Friday etc. Or don’t rhyme at all and just make it normal meals.

Like my family current supper themes are…. Meat Monday, Taco Tuesday, Soup & Sandwich Wednesday, Casserole Thursday, Pasta Friday, Pizza Party Saturday and Left Over Sunday.

I usually keep the same supper theme for a month, and then change it up a bit the next month. I’ll keep the super easy days and the ones the kids loved. I usually change 2-3 to knew themes and rearrange the days.

Supper is the only meal we are all together during the day so I want it to be easy, enjoyable and yummy. Pre-planning the supper theme week makes it so much easier when supper time comes along. I look at what I have planned already and boom supper is done in around 30 minutes.

planned family fun planner supper page

Page 7 – Meal Plan

I made this 3 meal a day weekly meal plan for those super duper organized families! I am not that organized. haha…..

No seriously, breakfast is fend for yourself with whatever is in the breakfast shelf. Which is usually cereal, oatmeal, toast or eggo’s. Lunch is usually sandwiches and/or soup and salad as we are all spread out at jobs, schools and at home.

It is great if you can plan out all 3 meals as this saves on grocery expenses. For me it is easier and less stressful to only plan supper and let everyone 7 and up figure out their own breakfast and lunch for the day at school or work. 🙂

This meal plan is great for spring break, winter break and summer time when all the kids are at home and to keep food costs down a bit you can plan it all out and just buy those meals planned and a few (dozen) snacks in between the meals.

Well that’s all she wrote for the planner…. well all I wrote, or made…. you know what I mean. haha


If you think that’s a rockin useful Family Fun Planner then put your email in the form below and I will magically whiz that into your email box right away!!

Happy Planning!!

If you find it useful I’d love to hear from you in the comments below so I know if I should make some more planners for you Lovely peeps!

XO Kathryn

Free Family Fun Planner
Receive my Free Family Fun Planner and weekly newsletter! Newsletters include recipes, theme night ideas, family time fun and crafts.
We hate spam. Your email address will not be sold or shared with anyone else.

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4 thoughts on “Free Family Fun Planner

  1. Brilliant ideas there. I have always made a meal planner that never goes through..yeah thats how busy my family is. By the time we get home we just feed on the easiest meal to fix.

    1. LOL yup that whole follow through with the plans can be hard for us to with my busy family. Some days it works, and some days we wing it. 🙂

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