Elf On The Shelf Free Printable’s

Elf on the shelf free printable

Elf On The Shelf Free Printable’s

Yes it’s that time of the year again when our Awesome Elf on the Shelf will be arriving in days!!  I made some simple Elf on the Shelf free printable’s to make your life easier! I will be using these this year!

Do your kids love their Elf on the Shelf as much as mine do?! They are extra special all December! Now someone needs to come out with an all year Elf of some kind! Haha!

Last year I just kind of winged-it each night with our Elf on the Shelf…. it was a bit stressful to come up with ideas, and some nights she totally didn’t move!

So this year I said I would be much more organized when it came to the Elf on the Shelf, and Christmas in general. Which I have been. We even have almost all our shopping done and its only the end on November! Woop woop!!

So I have made these Elf on the shelf free printable’s! So you don’t have to figure out what to do each night last minute!

I also made a page where you can write what ideas you have for each day, you can use the ideas from my calendar, or make your own, and a spot to put the items you need ready for that night. In case you need to purchase somethings or dig them out of toy boxes.

You can download the PDF File here to print and put in your family planner or Christmas binder.

elf on the shelf free printable

elf on the shelf free printable

This goes great with the monthly calendar of ideas, its an Elf On The Shelf daily idea and items needed for that day page. You can use it with the already made Elf on the Shelf Calendar above, or you could just print this and add your own ideas each day with the items you will need to get ready or purchase before hand.

I have the idea and items page available in PDF you can print and write your own stuff, or in a Google Doc where you can make your own copy and add your own days, or in a Word Doc where you can also customize it on your computer!! Yes I am getting very computer savvy! heehee


Word Document

PDF File Copy

Below are the links to other Awesome Blogs that have the printable pages needed to do some of the days on the calendar above. When you download the PDF of the Calendar, I put the links right onto the PDF so you can just click on the link and it will take you to the Santa letter printable website, the coloring page, the elf twister page and more.

Letter to Santa Print out

Jokes Elf puts out to read

Elf Coloring Pictures

Elf Spiderman Mask

Elf Twister Game

AND I didn’t make the actual awesome red Santa calendar. I downloaded it empty and then edited the calendar and put all the daily Elf ideas onto it… So props should go to the actual calendar website I got it from because it’s the best one I found!! Blank December Santa Calendar.

I hope these elf on the shelf free printable’s make your December a little less stressful!

My family Elf is named Rosey, because she has rosey red cheeks. What did you name your Elf??

Many Many well wishes for you and your family this holiday season!

XO Kathryn

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