DIY Soap For Christmas Gifts

DIY soap for christmas gifts

DIY Soap For Christmas Gifts

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We love making homemade Christmas presents in our house. It’s become a tradition that each person has to make 1 thing for each other. Small or big it doesn’t matter, just making and planning that gift is very special.

A couple years ago me and my daughter did DIY soap for Christmas gifts.

It was a lot of fun to learn and for my daughter to help. I think they turned out great! I want to make some more this year if I can find where I put all the soap molds and supplies.

Here is the steps we took to make these pretty soaps…..

STEP 1 ~ Buy All the Supplies Needed

1. Soapsation block of glycerin for about $10

You can make about 4 larger square soaps from it, or cut them into smaller soap

2. A package of 3 soap molds for around $5. There are SO many different molds.

Or you can use pretty much any container like small yogurt containers, chocolate molds, or cupcake pans.

3. What you are going to put into the soap to make it look and smell pretty. Here are some soap colors I found

So essential oils for smells, cut fruit or rough things to exfoliate, like oatmeal or loose leaf tea.

DIY Soap for christmas gifts DIY soap for christmas gifts DIY soap for christmas gifts

DIY soap for christmas gifts    img_3044

Step 2 ~ Decide What Kind of Soap You Want to Make

Google and research the different types and smells you can make. Grab some recipes and go to work at making your amazing DIY soap for Christmas gifts!

Our first one was Oatmeal and Vanilla Soap

Second was a Tea Infused Soap

Third was a Lemony Soap

DIY soap for christmas gifts

Step 3 ~ The Process & Instructions

For our Lemon Soap used a tiny drop of yellow food grade color to make it yellow, and added food grade lemon extract to make it smell like lemon. I didn’t have lemon essential oils which would have been better to use, but this worked. It has a very faint lemon smell and I didn’t stir the color in for long as I was hoping for a swirl effect but that didn’t really happen.

For our Tea Infused Soap I used this loose leaf tea called Jason Winters Tea my mom gave me. It has a mild sweet smell as it has bits of dried fruits in it. We just used a bunch of the loose leaf tea as it came, I didn’t measure it. We didn’t use any essential oils as I wanted it to just be the sweet tea smell.

I think my favorite was the Vanilla Oatmeal Soap. It smelled so good like vanilla and had a nice oatmeal color.

Here is the Amounts we used for each Soap Mold:

Vanilla Oatmeal Soap
about 1/4- 1/2 cup of the blocked glycerin (clear or coconut) cut into little pieces
2 tablespoons rolled or quick oats
1/4 tsp vanilla extract

Tea Infused Soap
about 1/4- 1/2 cup of the blocked glycerin (clear or coconut) cut into little pieces
2 tablespoons of any loose leaf tea, or break a tea bag open and use from that.

Lemon Soap
about 1/4- 1/2 cup of the blocked glycerin (clear or coconut) cut into little pieces
2 tsp Lemon extract for smell
a bit of any yellow food coloring you have. Use to make desired look.

1. Spray vegetable oil or rub cooking oil all over the inside of the mold so it slips out easier when hardened.

2. Cut the glycerin into pieces, Just enough for whatever soap bar you are making right now not the whole thing, and put into a bowl that can be microwaved. If using the microwave I read on other blogs that you heat for 15 seconds, then stir, then heat another 15 seconds and keep going like that until totally melts.

We don’t have a microwave so we did it on the stove. I boiled a big pot of water then turned it down to under medium heat and put a metal bowl of cut up glycerin on the water to heat it up. It goes fast so don’t walk away, and stir a lot!

3. Once your glycerin is all melted add the materials for what bar of soap your are making right now. Stir it in then add any flavor or scent you want for that specific bar of soap, like the vanilla or lemon extract. stir all together and pour into mold fast.

4. Other directions say to spray rubbing alcohol on the top to stop the bubbles. I didn’t have any so I didn’t do that step, and yes there are a bit of bubbles, but it still looks pretty and I think the small bubbles give it a more homemade look.

5. DON”T move the mold once poured and leave for at least 3 hours or overnight. To get them out of the mold gentle squeeze on all side to pop it out.

DIY Soap for Christmas gifts   DIY Soap for Christmas gifts

DIY Soap for Christmas gifts   DIY Soap for Christmas gifts

Step 4 ~ Packaging

That’s all there is to making you DIY Soap for Christmas gifts!

Now you get to package them and make them look even more pretty.

We decided to nice scrap paper in the middle and put ribbon around the paper.

DIY Soap for Christmas gifts


DIY Soap for Christmas gifts      DIY Soap for Christmas gifts

DIY Soap for Christmas gifts

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What do you think of our packaging?

Have you ever made bars of soap?

XO Kathryn

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2 thoughts on “DIY Soap For Christmas Gifts

  1. I love this post! We just made soap for the first time after taking a soap-making workshop, and I just gave away my first bar as a gift. It felt so nice to give something homemade that was also useful! I wrapped mine similarly, with a paper layer and then a rafia bow. I like how you tied ribbon around both sides of the soap like a present…I will do that next time! Thanks for the lovely post. Glad to have found your blog.

    1. Hello Mary Jane!! Thanks so much for the sweet comment! Glad you enjoyed my DIY soap gifts. My children loved making them, and especially giving them to family for Christmas. Hope you have a great holiday!

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