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homemade advent calendar for kids

Homemade Advent Calendar For Kids

Homemade Advent Calendar For Kids Does your family do an Advent Calendar for kids? I used to just get those dollar store chocolate window type advent calendars. But I find the chocolate is so small and doesn’t taste very good. We have been trying to be healthier for a couple years now, so I started […]

toy bin labels

Toy Bin Labels For Toddlers And Kids

Toy Bin Labels For Toddler And Kids Toy Bin Labels have saved my sanity!! I am a bit of an organizer, and like things to have their own “home” or spot. The toy bins were getting all mixed up and crazy so I bought some newer square bins for our shelves, and put labels on them […]

Elf on the shelf free printable

Elf On The Shelf Free Printable’s

Elf On The Shelf Free Printable’s Yes it’s that time of the year again when our Awesome Elf on the Shelf will be arriving in days!!  I made some simple Elf on the Shelf free printable’s to make your life easier! I will be using these this year! Do your kids love their Elf on […]

free family fun planner

Free Family Fun Planner

Free Family Fun Planner Hello Lovely Ladies!!  I have been playing around with making my very own printable pages, that’s where I came up with this family fun planner. Let me tell you It is SO much fun! I could make pages and pages all day long! I would literally get nothing else done! haha […]