5 Easy Harry Potter Family Fun Night Plans

Harry Potter Family Fun Night

5 Easy Harry Potter Family Fun Night Plans

Ok I have to admit. this muggle LOVES Harry Potter! Biggest Fan here!!! I’ve been a geeky fan since it first came into the theaters. Before that I had never heard of Harry Potter.

Since then I have read all the books and seen all the movies many many times. All 4 of my children love Harry Potter too, well not as much as me! Haha.

For a mother’s day present my hubby airbrushed a large canvas of a harry potter poster he had seen. It hangs in our living room to display his art. Isn’t he talented! We get comments all the time from visitors about the picture! 

original Harry Potter Picture

SO of course our family has done a Harry Potter Theme night!

Because I know you momma’s are super busy I have kind-of sectioned off the info below into easy theme night plans, and more elaborate theme night plans that could go on forever depending on how much time you have.

If you work full time and don’t have a lot of time to go shopping, or spend hours doing prep work for a theme night, just do the 5 easy family fun night plans! That is totally acceptable and the kids and hubby will love all the fun and the effort you put into the plans!

I also provide links to just purchase items to be delivered right to your house so you can cut down on the shopping and searching for items around town! Just order and click and then plan the theme night for after it’s to be delivered.

Or if you have older children, 11 and up I would say, you could volunteer them to do the extra craft things and time consuming plans. Kids always love to help any way they can!

Some steps to plan your family fun night are:

Decide how much time you have for planning a family theme night.

If your time is an hour and under, go for just the 5 easy theme night plans.

If you have more than an hour to prepare for theme night, then do the easy  plan and add on some of the more elaborate ideas!

Take pictures at each of your theme nights!! These memories can’t be replicated and go by so fast!

Well Let’s get on with this super family night Fun!

This post contains affiliate links.

Easy Harry Potter Family Fun Night Plans:

*This post contains affiliate links.


Any type of supper can be planned for Harry Potter Theme night! The tables at the Hogwarts Wizarding School of Witchcraft was always full of different meals. Laying the food out in the middle of the table to look like a big feast will help set the Harry Potter theme mood.

Crafts and Activities:

Lets keep it simple and easy with 5 crafts and activities.

        1. Wizardly wands

You can make them with chop sticks, glue gun, and brown and gold paint. This is super fun for the kids! Put lots of newspaper down as this gets messy!  Or alternatively, if you don’t have time to make them and let them dry, then you can order these already made. But no matter what, harry potter theme night NEEDS wands!! This is a must 🙂  If you don’t have a glue gun, or just don’t have the time for that step, just paint the chop stick as is!! My 4 year old didn’t really like the feel of the hot glue on the stick so he wanted one without it and it turned out great! 

Or if you just want to purchase cool Harry Potter Wands ahead of time check these ones out I found for a decent price, 4 wizard wands.

how to make Harry Potter wands       img_0264         harry potter wands

       2. The spell book

This one is super easy! Just  print out and staple in the middle to make booklets. Super fun to sit around the table at supper and calling out spells at each other! Leviosa, expelliarmus!   It should only take about 10 minutes for 4-6 booklets. I found these printable spell books at this awesome blog, Larissa Another Day.

But If you don’t have time to print and staple these, I found these one for sale you can order, The Unofficial Harry Potter Spellbook

Harry Potter Spell Books

       3. Food and drink labels

Super fun for kids to pretend they are eating gillyweed, or drinking butter beer from a big glass. You can get foods that kind of look like the label or sign, or just randomly put them in front of food you had planned to cook that night. It will be fun either way! Then ask each other how their wizardly type food is tasting. 🙂 Hop over to Over The Big Moon blog site where I downloaded thse drink labels from. The link is at the bottom of her blog post. 🙂

Harry Potter waterbottles

       4. The Hogwarts House Badges

Print out the 4 different Hogwarts house banners and cut them out. Then let each family pick out of a hat what house they will be in for the night. Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, or Gryffindor! Which one do you hope to get into?? Remember the sorting hat may take what you want into consideration…. Maybe not the hat you have at home…. Lol

       5. Harry Potter Glasses

Wearing those famous Harry Potter glasses just makes the night much more fun and definitely makes people laugh! You can download a printable version at Lee Hanson website, but it took me soooo long to cut them out and they were flimsy as heck! the kept falling off my 4 year old and he was not impressed!! I went online and order 4 of these Harry Potter glasses for our next Harry Potter Theme night! Which we will have again cause it was so fun and so adaptable to different ideas.

Harry Potter Glasses

ALRIGHTY That’s all there is to planning a simple easy Harry Potter family fun night!!  

The kids will have a blast and so will you momma!! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

What better way to top off and end your harry potter theme with a bang, then with at least 1 harry potter movie. Pick your favorite, or let the kids pick. Or write all the names of the movies and let your “sorting hat” pick the movie!

OH Don’t Forget Dessert!!

At our Harry Potter family fun night I made the kids, and me, glasses Butter Beer!! It was just rootbeer floats, but the foam on top made it look close to the foamy butter beer drinks in the Harry Potter Movies! They loved them because we are pretty much a no pop house! lol So it was a huge treat for everyone.

Harry Potter Theme Butter Beer

Extra Crazy Elaborate Harry Potter Family Fun Night Ideas…..

OK, so if you have more than an hour-ish to plan and implement the Harry Potter theme night, then you can add 1 or more from the cool things listed below. Each one I listed about how much more time they would take if you were actually doing or making them. If you just purchase most of your stuff for Harry Potter family fun night then you will have more time and able to add more stuff to the night I’m assuming. I like the crafting parts the best, but I realise that not every family likes crafts, or has the time to do them, that’s why I added the links to purchase harry potter stuff so you could still put on a great theme night if you don’t have time for the crafts.

More elaborate Harry Potter theme night ideas….. 

  • Floating candles – these are so fun to make!! Toilet paper rolls, glue gun, white paint, fake candles, string.
  • Hogwarts cloaks. If you have a black old shirt you can use this tutorial to make your own, or you can purchase this  cloak with a Gryffindor logo on it!! very cool.
  • This book looks cool and is on my to buy list! Hogwarts Classics, comes with 2 different books and would look great on the coffee table or counter during a harry potter family fun night or birthday party!
  • If you have a lot of candles in the house you can put real candles all over the house and turn the lights off to set the mood. I used those fake tea light candles to set a bit of mood at our table. I didnt have any real candles and these were child friendly!
  • Lastly you could add some board games and Harry Potter games to your fun night!!  I love the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, or this fun Clue Harry Potter game. If you try out some Harry Potter Games comment below and tell me which ones you liked so I can add them to my xmas wish list! 🙂


I thought I’d share some pictures from our last Harry Potter theme night. I hope they inspire you to plan out your own family Harry Potter family fun night! ……..

Harry Potter Family Fun Night        Harry Potter Family Fun Night     Harry Potter Family Fun Night

Harry Potter Family Fun Night            Harry Potter Family Fun Night              Harry Potter Glasses


I hope you liked our Harry Potter Family Fun Night! What theme nights do you have planned this month?


Go Plan Some Family Fun!


XO Kathryn

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